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Design of machine components

For more than thirty years, customers have been benefiting from AEROVIDE competence in the design of cost-optimized drive trains and components. A wide variety of designs have been covered, ranging from conventional detached drive trains, direct drive systems over to hybrid type drive trains.

Many different types of pitch and yaw systems with hydraulic and electrical drives have been realized in various wind turbine design projects. The use of the latest calculation methods in aeroComp, an AEROVIDE software development, guarantees optimal component design. Because many components of a wind turbine design are dimensioned by fatigue loads, AEROVIDE has made big efforts to develop sophisticated fatigue analysis methods based on time series calculations for all structural components.

The design and integration of all machine components with all its interactions between component suppliers, designer and customer plays an important role for a successful wind turbine design project. AEROVIDE has longstanding and continuous experience in the management of the interaction between customer, component suppliers, certifying institutions and the design team. This has been proven a key issue for the successful conclusion of wind turbine projects and short time-to-market.