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Other engineering services

Constant optimization and further development of existing technologies play a major role in the long-term success of wind energy. For that reason, AEROVIDE supports manufacturers, operators, maintenance companies and consultancy firms in finding solutions to the many different issues which can occur during the service life of a wind turbine.

Besides complete developments of wind turbines AEROVIDE offers its support in the following areas:

  • Further development and optimization of existing turbine platforms through bigger diameters or by increasing the hub heights.
  • Site-specific load calculations
  • Qualification of new component suppliers
  • Site-specific tower and foundation designs
  • Design reviews, due diligence, re-engineering, retrofit and elaboration of upgrade measures for existing wind turbines
  • Remaining lifetime analyses for continued operation
  • Modernization of the system control and visualization
  • Evaluation of operational data, error analysis, planning and design of improvement measures
  • Recertification in compliance with new guidelines or following re-engineering
  • Preparation of tender documentation

Please contact our head office in Rendsburg in case you need support in any other support for your specific project.