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Tower and foundation

The tower of a wind turbine is a mainstay on two accounts. Not only does it bear all of the loads but it also has a decisive influence on the costs and overall dynamics of a wind turbine. AEROVIDE offers optimized tower designs for tubular steel towers, hybrid towers with concrete base, lattice towers and guided towers. Based on our long experience and our sophisticated methods we can offer optimized solutions for all your projects.

The loads which are used for the tower static and fatigue analysis are the result of the wind turbine load simulations. All tower design analyses and required documentation are prepared by AEROVIDE in compliance with national and international standards. The foundation is designed working closely with consulting engineers from the field of civil engineering who have years of experience in wind energy. Both, the tower and the foundation design, have significant influence on the load simulation results which makes it necessary to perform wind turbine simulation and tower analysis interactively in several design loops.

AEROVIDE uses aeroTower for tower design, a software tool for tower design developed by AEROVIDE. Structural tower analysis and fatigue analysis using load time series for the tower wall and bolt connections as well as buckling analysis for the tower wall are run with this software. All calculations and documentation of the process comply with the valid national and international standards.